18 Talented Black Artists In WNY You Need To Know About

From Step Out Buffalo

BLACK LIVES MATTER. We at Step Out Buffalo realize we have a platform and we want to use it. Our company was founded on the basis of promoting and uplifting our community and the businesses within it. After much introspection, reading, researching, and discussion we realize we can be better. We can be a better resource, we can be a better ally, we can be a better catalyst for change in our community.

One of the things we love most about our beloved city of Buffalo is its diverse art, history, and culture. In an effort to continue to shine a light on all of these things, below is a list of talented black artists in WNY which we found after artist Chuck Tingley shared them on his Instagram story. From artists to musicians to poets – WNY has it all.

Zuri’s honored to be included in this list.

Please check out the full list at StepOutBuffalo.com!