Zuri Appleby Honored as Top Jazz Electric Bassist in JazzBuffalo Poll for 2015!

Zuri is honored and humbled to be among Buffalo’s Jazz elite and thanks the fans and all who voted for the support.

“The second annual JazzBuffalo Readers and Fan Poll, recognizing the jazz artists and performers who entertain jazz audiences, collected 1,655 responses.  Over a fifty percent increase from the previous year.  A great sign that jazz awareness and appreciation is growing in Greater Buffalo!

The results of the poll are representative of the votes made by the readers of JazzBuffalo, the audiences who attended jazz performances, and the fans of jazz in the Greater Buffalo community.  The names placed into nomination came from these same dedicated fans of jazz from a survey conducted in late December.

Before reading on, keep in mind you, you the audiences and fans of jazz, are the real winners.  It allows for all fans to voice their appreciation and to become familiar with the abundance of jazz artists and jazz availability in the Greater Buffalo area.  Jazz, in 2015, played an instrumental role in enriching communities throughout the area.  And, playing a role in the continued resurgence of the city of Buffalo.

What follows are the winners of the second annual JazzBuffalo Reader’s and Fan Poll.  This year, we will have honorable mentions for second place and some JazzBuffalo mentions also for third and fourth place.   Congratulations to all the very deserving winners!”

– Check out the complete list of winners at: wwwJazzBuffalo.org

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